Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Val says:
I wanna get outta here.
Out of the U.S.
If I could, I'd be in Japan right now, drawing comics.

Alfredo-Pierre says:
i'd be in spain
pole dancing

Val says:

Alfredo-Pierre says:
i'm just paying my way through college
and i just turned 21
see i can start over

Val says:
You did not just turn 21.
...Did you?

Alfredo-Pierre says:
haha i wish
i'm 25
i'm a quarter dead

Val says:
I'm... yeah, I'm gonna die.

Alfredo-Pierre says:
lets go get botox together!
i have a coupon

Val says:
I don't wanna do that, silly.
I like my face, it's not so bad.

Alfredo-Pierre says:
haha i'm just playing

Val says:
Ask me in another 20 years.

Alfredo-Pierre says:
i'm sure there will be something amazing by then

Val says:
Then I'll be all, what's that, sonny? GOAT-OX? Suuure!

Alfredo-Pierre says:
like clone me and put my brain in the younger bodies body

Val says:
I think so too.
That's what having babies should really be about.
But, nobody has done it yet.
It shows how stupid humans are.
We are able to reproduce --
But we forget to continue the legacy OURSELVES.
With our own brain! But, you'd get transplanted in the baby body. And then, waiti it out I
That's why nobody can remember things like dinosaurs.

Alfredo-Pierre says:
did you see that movie the island?

Val says:

Alfredo-Pierre says:
i know its a BAY movie
but the concept is good

Val says:
Shame on you.

Alfredo-Pierre says:
well he didnt write it
he just made fast car chases on it

Val says:
What's it about?

Alfredo-Pierre says:
sorta about that
like people are being cloned
so the REAL people
can take body parts from them
whenever is needed
it takes place in the slight future
and i like the way the future looks it looks believable
los angeles looked nice

Val says:
I'll have to check it out.
Body parts from them?
Like that movie...
It's from the early 90s.
Except this one guy busted up some of his own body parts so this crazy mad scientist lady was
the first in her line of work to take other people's body parts! BUT FOR OTHER PEOPLE.
And the body parts where from a murderer guy!
And then!
The murderer guy woke up!
And he's all!
Where my body parts at!?
And he goes after the unsuspecting nice man who has already gone crazy by this point because
he has the murderers body parts!
And then they have a showdown!
And then they're all, "That's my body parts!" And the nice guy is all, "I don't want them! It's
making me crazy!"
And they go at it.
And I've ruined this movie for you.

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